Hi, I’m Kelli…

by all standards a novice chef, but an eager and adventurous one! I’m 27, a speech therapist, an avid reader and a hiker.

Four years ago I married my best friend… and it turns out, he likes to eat. (I do too, for that matter.) So we started cooking together in the teensy tiny closet which was his dormitory kitchen and have never looked back.

In general, I try to cook healthy and adventurous. For me, that means a recipe is likely to catch my eye if it includes lots of fresh greens and produce, bold spices, novel flavor combinations, or if it’s just something I’ve never heard of before. There’s almost nothing I won’t try. (Seriously, ask my mom who has a much more refined sense of which foods and flavors may be mixed and which ones should not.)

And speaking of my mom, she’s genius in the kitchen. Growing up, she was the big-hot-meal-on-the-table-by-the-time-dad-walks-in-at-5 type mom. Because of her, I’ve always taken great homemade meals for granted. You’d think that growing up with her as a kind of resource and example, I’d already have a world of experience to draw from! But for whatever reason, I just wasn’t interested in learning to cook until two years ago (erm, the boy, remember).

So I hope you enjoy reading about my kitchen adventures. Check out Kelli’s Recipes to see what I’ve been making.


And I’m Kim…

a long time home cook who loves all things food. I love to grocery shop and get food from local farms. I enjoy canning & freezing summer produce, making pickles and homemade jellies. I love to collect recipes and share those recipes with others. I enjoy cooking for family, church functions, and others in need of a good meal. I especially enjoy baking. Something about walking into a house that smells of homemade bread or hot chocolate chip cookies just makes me feel at home.

I am the mother of Kelli as well as her three younger (and usually hungry) siblings. Along with the four children (and hungry son in law), I have a husband who is a minister at a church where we have a LOT of potlucks and youth functions.

I have been a public school special education teacher for children with multiple disabilities.  I teach ladies at the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies, children’s Bible classes, run a blog for Bible class teachers (www.teachinghelp.org), enjoy scrap booking, decorating,  genealogy, and watching classic movies and the Andy Griffith Show.

My cooking style is a little different from Kelli’s. I am not quite as bold and adventurous. My style is more in the realm of comfort foods, whether that be homemade chicken & dumplings, cheesy potato soup, or a bowl of Cajun pasta. As I said, I love to bake so I am frequently baking up a new cookie, bread, or layer cake recipe.

Kelli is the inspiration for this blog and for me. I love her enthusiasm and willingness to try new taste combinations.  Though I may be found scrunching up my face saying, “I’m not sure those ingredients will work together”,  the reality is that I have really liked everything that she’s made for me. In a very short time, she has developed a real passion for cooking which of course is encouraged by her husband (who does like everything she makes!). Like her, I had a mother who was always cooking yet I didn’t really learn to cook until I had married and had to feed a family. Now, I am constantly cooking up something and am excited to have a new forum to share my recipes with others.

So I hope you’ll try Kelli’s adventurous recipes and if you’re wanting classic standbys, go to Kim’s Recipes to see what I’ve been up to in the kitchen.